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Shopping on Amazon this holiday season? Use our click through to earn BWI-T $$!!!

Did you know amazon has a non-profit program? If you click on and choose “Babywearing International, Inc in Durham, NC” your purchases contribute to donations for us!  We get 0.5% of eligible purchases!

Babywearing International of the Triangle is the correct name but the Amazon list was auto populated from the federal EIN and the city address of record, which is the “president” of each chapter.


Step 1: Search for “Babywearing International”



Step 2: Choose “Babywearing International, Inc Durham, NC”


Step 3: SHOPPING!!!!


Rosh Hashanah treats

I made two types of challah and some inside out candy apples.

The first challah was Smitten Kitchen’s honey apple challah. It didn’t rise as much as I like so next time I’ll either use more yeast or proof longer before adding it to the flour mixture. Also, the apple pieces did NOT want to stay in the dough. Very annoying! Overall, the honey taste was too subtle for me. The braiding was also less pretty than I hoped.


The second challah I made, a pair of round traditional ones- recipe I used, were awesome. It was perfect. The shape started out as a traditional round Rosh Hashanah shape but after baking looked more like a beehive, which was kind of cool since Rosh Hashanah is so honey-oriented.

I also made some inside out candy apples using caramel candies and corn syrup but I think I may need to add more corn syrup next time because the caramel was too hard.