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I’m not terribly happy with the state of my website on w i x. was a pretty bad domain name choice, but it made sense, when I thought I was going to be Becker Patents, IP, and NC law. Now that I’m Daniel Becker, Attorney at Law, PLLC, I really wish that I’d gone with something else. I’ve been thinking about dblaw, which is “Not found”. Diblaw is an australian site.. a 

I’ve heard really good stuff about wordpress and kinda regret using wix. Well, there isn’t anything stopping me from having two websites! So why not? especially if I can get a good deal here. After I do some stuff for a client today, maybe I’ll do that. It’s a non-critical thing, to figure out a better name for my practice, since I’d like to use my logo as part of the navigation for my site. I am interested in using an “intersection” of a D and a B. It’s fun to draw. DIB would have been more fun, but since it’s taken, I won’t bother. Time to go to work.


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