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Moxie’s physical and communicative abilities continue to improve in leaps and bounds. Today, she did something I’d never seen her do before. She was standing in the kitchen, looking up at me as I walked past her. Instead of turning her whole body and/or pivoting both feet, she maintained eye contact and pivoted her head first, both upward as I approached, to match the increasing angle of my face above hers, and then she arced her head over her shoulder and pivoted her torso and then her hips and then feet, progressively, just enough as would be necessary to keep eye contact. As smooth as a universal joint maintaining a continuous angle between two angularly-synced shafts. It seems so self-explanatory and naturally expected of an adult, as one could imagine an adult human being tracking the flight of a bird as it passes almost directly overhead, but I haven’t seen Moxie do it so naturally, if I’ve taken note of it at all before. I stopped and commended her and tried to do get her to do it again. She smiled, as always, but wasn’t sure what I was asking of her. Later, when I came in from the garage, in her purple footed pajamas, she said “come! come!” and I gestured me to come into the living room, where Shannon was sitting. She then looked at me and slowly rotated in a circle while mostly trying to keep eye contact. Not expertly performed and not quite the same thing, but what stunned me about this second feat is that it showed that she noticed that she did something I liked, but didn’t know what, and then attempted to recreate it before both me and shannon, I think, to see if she could spot it if both of us were there to react to it. Or, less ambitiously, just to please both me and shannon or to receive praise from both of us. I am utterly astounded by my little girl’s progress.


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