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Listening to Miracle (written by Matisyahu, performed by The Maccabeats), thinking about how it always puts me in the mood to do something Jewish. Bake challah, go to mikveh, etc.

I have been loosely following the laws of niddah (more about that here) and people sometimes give me the feeling they really respect me for it. That’s a nice complement but one of the things I like best about the mikveh is how stress relieving it is for me.



We’re so lucky to have such a beautiful mikveh where we live. It was modeled after Mayyim Hayyim, a famous mikveh in Massachusetts. I fantasize about being a modern orthodox stay at home mom sometimes, totally romanticizing the life of such a lady. When it really comes down to it, I like being a scientist and get bored and irritated when I’m at home with Moxie full time. However, I think what all that means is I need to carve out my own version of what it means to be a modern Jewish scientist mommy. That’s my mission now.

Step 1: continue with mikveh
Step 2: be more consistent with Shabbat observance and try out a technology-less Shabbat (I love my tech)
Step 3: reassess, repeat


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